Sensors and pressure mats to monitor those in care
4th April 2020 - good service
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A digital monitoring solution

The Logger is an interface between our wireless sensors and an online logging platform. 

  • See a record of sensor activity
  • Receive low battery alerts
  • Measure nurse response times 
  • Multiple sites can be monitored from the same account

The logger is a small tablet which connects to your Wifi network and receives signals from our sensors wireless:



     We can monitor the following:

    • Door opening and closing
    • Call buttons
    • Door bells
    • Motion sensors
    • Convulsion sensors
    • Bed leaving & occupancy sensors
    • Chair leaving sensors

    These sensors can be used individually for a variety of purposes or together to give a detailed picture of the activity within a home. 


    The batteries in our wireless sensors last for an average of one year and each sensor will alert you when the battery is running low.

    We are developing software to be able to customise your alerts to trigger one or more mobiles or computers.

    Receive email alerts to the opening of a door or someone leaving a bed or the whole building.

    Call us to discuss your requirements.