Sensors and pressure mats to monitor those in care
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Wireless Bed & Chair Pressure Mat Kit

Wireless Bed & Chair Pressure Mat Kit

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Value packed kit to prevent falls & wandering at home

The kit consists of a control box, bed pressure mat, chair pressure mat & bleeper pager.

The control box is compatible with both the bed and chair mat. Simply set the switch to 'bed' and connect the bed mat at night. During the day, the portable control box can be connected to the chair mat, setting the switch to 'chair'. Getting out of the bed or chair will alert the bleeper pager, which can be carried by a carer around the home. 

  • The Wireless Bed Pressure Mat can be placed discretely underneath the bed mattress. It will alert the pager when the person gets out of the bed. 

  • The Wireless Chair Pressure Mat can be placed on a chair and will alert the pager when the person stands up from the chair. 

The Bleeper Pager allows a carer to monitor the bed/chair pressure mat whilst on the move around a home. The pager is designed to be very easy to use with only one button. Wirelessly connected to the control box, it beeps, vibrates and flashes. 


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View Wireless Bed Pressure Mat Instructions & Specification

View Wireless Chair Pressure Mat Instructions & Specification

View Bleeper Pager Instructions & Specification 

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