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One Button Emergency Phone with GPS Tracker

One Button Emergency Phone with GPS Tracker

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Pendant alarm with SOS button

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This device has no subscriptions or fees. There is a one-off payment for the device which includes a Pay as You Go SIM card with credit that should cover 1 year of use. The SIM card doesn't have a contract and you can top it up after 1 year.

  • Pendant with SOS button, supplied with a lanyard to wear around the neck. 
  • Pressing the SOS button for 7 seconds will cause the pendant to:
    • Dial up to 3 numbers in a cycle until one of the numbers picks up. 
    • Send a text message (this can be sent to one of your 3 numbers of to a different number)
    • The pendant has a built-in speaker and microphone, allowing you to have a 2-way conversation. 

    • Includes a pre-installed 1pMobile 'pay as you go' SIM card with £30 credit already loaded. The credit does not expire for one year. 1pMobile uses EE's network which has excellent UK coverage. 

    Calls cost 1p per minute and text messages cost 1p per text. 

    The device also uses approximately 40mb of data per month (40p). 

    • The pendant can be controlled through a free smartphone app, where you can change the settings and view the device on a map (this will only be accurate if the device is outdoors). 
    • We can set everything up for you - download a setup form here.


    How long does the battery last?

    The battery will last for about 24 hours. It is supplied with a magnetic charger and USB (plug not included). 


     Main features

    • Network Connectivity (4G GSM / 3G / 2G)
    • GPS + LBS + Wifi tracking (the tracking is only accurate when the device is outdoors
    • Water resistant IP65 
    • Low battery alerts
    • Ringtone to find the pendant
    • Calls up to 3 numbers.
    • Texts 1 number (main monitoring user)
    • Weight 41g
    • Battery 600mAh 
    • Battery life 1 day when set to 10-minute refresh interval
    • Charge time 1.5 - 2 hours (supplied with USB charging cable) 
    • Size: 59(L)*45.3(W)*16(H)mm


    What happens when my credit runs out?

    We will include details of how you can top up with 1pmobile directly. 

    You don't have any contract with us or pay any monthly subscription. 


    Does the person who has the pendant need a smartphone?

    The person who has the pendant doesn't need a smartphone.

    Is there any charge to use the app?

    No - the app is free to use. 


    How can I make a call to the pendant?

    • The pendant will have its own telephone number attached to the SIM card that is inserted.
    • Dialling the number will cause the pendant to ring like a telephone.
    • Only numbers added to the phonebook within the app will be able to make calls to the pendant. 
    • You can either set the pendant to pick up the call automatically or the user can press a button to answer the call. 

    How much data does the device use?

    • The device uses minimal data for the GPS function - approximately 40mb per month. 
    • The SOS function uses minutes. The number of minutes required will depend on how often calls are made from the pendant and how long they last. 

    GPS Tracker

    You can see where the pendant is by using the app. This feature will only be accurate when the pendant is outdoors. You can only access this information by entering the 10 digit pendant ID number and a password to log into the app. 


    Safety Information

    User Manual

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews Give us a rating

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