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One Button Emergency Phone with GPS Tracker

One Button Emergency Phone with GPS Tracker

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Pendant alarm with SOS button

  • Pressing the SOS button will cause the pendant to dial up to 3 pre-set telephone numbers. 

The pendant will call the first number and send a text message to the main monitoring number. If the first number does not answer, it will move to the next number. 

Please note that an answering machine will count as an answered call and prevent the tracker from moving to the next number. 

  • The pendant has a built-in speaker and microphone, allowing you to have a 2-way conversation. 
  • Requires a SIM card to be inserted into the pendant (not included). 


    How does it work?

    1. Buy your own SIM card.

    2. Insert the SIM card into the pendant.

    3. Download the smartphone app "Any Tracking".

    4. Set up to 3 telephone numbers that you want the pendant to call when the SOS button is pressed. 

    You can also control who is able to call the pendant and view the location of the pendant on a map. 



    Is there any subscription or monthly cost?

    You don't have any contract with us or pay any monthly subscription. There is a just a one-off cost to buy the pendant. 

    The SIM card will need credit to be able to make calls. You can set this up yourself (either buy a pay-as-you-go SIM card or set up a monthly rolling contract with any mobile phone provider). 

    Does the person who has the pendant need a smartphone?

    The person who has the pendant doesn't need a smartphone. The pendant itself uses it's own SIM card. 


    How long does the battery last?

    This depends on how much it's used. Generally, it will require charging every couple of days using the supplied charger. You can see how much battery is remaining when you log into the app or website. 


    Is there any charge to use the app or to log into the website?

    Using the app or logging into the website is free. 


    How can I make a call to the pendant?

    • The pendant will have its own telephone number attached to the SIM card that is inserted.
    • Dialling the number will cause the pendant to ring like a telephone.
    • You can either set the pendant to pick up the call automatically or the user can press a button to answer the call. Only numbers which you have added will cause the pendant to ring.

    How much data does the device use?

    • The device uses minimal data for the GPS function - approximately 50mb per month. 
    • The SOS function uses minutes. The number of minutes required will depend on how often calls are made from the pendant and how long they last. 

    Which SIM card should I buy?

    The device will automatically work using SIM cards provided by the following networks:

    • EE
    • 02 
    • Three
    • Vodafone

    Other networks can be used, but occasionally it is necessary to configure some extra settings by texting the SIM card from another number. We can do this for you if it is needed. 


    GPS Tracker

    You can see where the pendant is by using the app. You can only access this information by entering the 10 digit pendant ID number and a password. 




    Size: 59(L)*45.3(W)*16(H)mm

    Weight: 41g

    Battery: 600mAh


    View more information and a detailed user guide



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews Give us a rating

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