Sensors and pressure mats to monitor those in care
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Home Monitoring with Wifi Alerts

Home Monitoring with Wifi Alerts

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Home monitoring without subscriptions or fees

  • One off payment for equipment.
  • Includes a base unit.
  • Choose any combination of sensors. 
  • Sends alert directly to family members using a free mobile phone app. 

How does the system work?

  • The base unit connects to your home Wifi network. 
  • When a message is received from one of the sensors, an alert is sent to your mobile phone. 
  • Any number of mobile phones can be paired with the base unit.

What messages will I receive?

  • Each sensor will send a customised alert when it is triggered, e.g. 

                    "Front Door Opened" (door sensor)

                    "Motion Detected in Kitchen" (motion sensor)

                     "Fall Detected" or "Help Button Pressed" (fall sensor)

                     "Out of bed" (bed sensor)  

Is the system easy to install?

  • The battery powered sensors are easy to fit. 
  • Requires no special set up.

Is there any subscription?

  • No subscription. 
  • The mobile phone app is free and can be downloaded from our website. 
  • The messages are sent directly to family members. 

The Sensors 

You can choose from a range of sensors:

Door Sensor

  • Supplied with sticky pads to mount to any door. 
  • Sends an alert when the door is opened. 
  • Battery included.


Motion Sensor


  • Suitable for wall mounting using supplied mounting plate, or can be freestanding on a shelf.
  • Sends an alert when motion is detected in the monitored area. 
  • Can be used to provide reassurance that the person is up and about - e.g. if placed in the kitchen.
  • Batteries included. 


Fall Sensor

A fall alarm works exactly the same way as a pendant alarm with some added features. You can send an alert at any time but it will also detect when you have a fall and automatically alert your carer or relatives. 
  • Detects when you take a fall. 
  • Waterproof - can be used in the bath or shower. 
  • Works like a pendant alarm. 
  • Automatically detects falls. 
  • Raises an alert even if you can't. 
  • Will work up to 200m from the base unit. 
  • Ideal for the home and garden. 


 Bed Sensor

  • Discrete, under the mattress sensor pad.
  • Sends an alert as soon as the person gets out of bed.
  • Works on all bed types, including underneath pressure relieving airflow mattresses and on profiling beds.

Can I send it back if I'm not happy?

  • We offer a 30-day money back promise. 
  • All products are guaranteed for one year. 


We can link the base station to your Wifi if you supply us with some details (a photo of the sticker on the side of your Internet box). Alternatively, you can set it up using an Android phone. You can receive alerts on any phone using the unique ID and password associated with the base station. 


Please call us on 01837 810 590 if you have any questions, or e-mail us at 


Useful documents

Receiving alerts on a new mobile device (Android or iPhone)

Setting up the base station using an Android phone

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