Sensors and pressure mats to monitor those in care
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Elderly Home Monitoring Kit

Elderly Home Monitoring Kit

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Check on an elderly relative who is on their own

The SMART Home Monitoring kit is a non-intrusive home monitoring solution without monthly fees or contracts. It will tell you if a person is in bed, out of bed, or moving about their home. 

It consists of three battery operated sensors:

  • A bed sensor
  • A presence sensor for the bathroom
  • A presence sensor for the kitchen

If a person is out of bed and not moving about the house over a period of time, this could indicate that they have fallen.

It is our experience that most people will either visit the kitchen (e.g. to make a cup of tea) or the bathroom during the course of a day, although the motion sensors could be positioned to detect the presence of a person anywhere in the house. 

How it works

The wireless base connects to the Internet using your home Wifi. It receives messages from the sensors and forwards these to a free app that can be downloaded onto your mobile phone. 


  • The Wireless Bed Pressure Mat can be placed discretely underneath the bed mattress. It detects whether or not a person is in bed and will send "in bed" or "out of bed" messages.


  • The Wireless Motion Sensors can be mounted to the wall and the sensor beam can be pointed in any direction. They can also be free standing on a shelf. They will send a message every time movement is detected.  


  • The Wireless Base Station connects to the Internet using your home Wifi. It can be positioned anywhere in the house and is mains powered. 
  • The Mobile phone app can be downloaded from our website and is free to use on as many mobiles as needed. 
  • It will receive messages from the base station (provided the mobile phone has a data connection) from anywhere. 
  • It keeps a record of when a person is in bed or out of bed and when motion has been detected. It will also display low battery alerts when a sensor battery needs replacing.  




One year guarantee. 

30-day money back promise. 

This product is eligible for VAT exemption in applicable cases. Complete this online form to remove 20% VAT from the total. 

Please note that next day delivery is not available for this product. We aim to ship your kit within 7 days. 


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