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Touch Sensitive Button - Plug-Matched

Touch Sensitive Button - Plug-Matched

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A highly sensitive and easy to push pressure pad. The touch sensitive button can be placed anywhere, even in the bath. The sensitivity and shape also means that it can be operated by head or foot movement, ideal for those with limited dexterity.

This touch sensitive button is a large squashy call bell that can be easily operated by those with limited dexterity. The button can be supplied as a replacement for call buttons employed in care homes.

The big squashy call button is air operated and has a switch to set the level of sensitivity. The air pressure button is linked to the air sensor via a thin rubber air tube.

It’s shape makes it very easy to push by finger, limb or head pressure. The squashy button is supplied with sticky velcro pads which means the button can be attached to a variety of surfaces, a bed headboard, an arm chair or a bathroom wall.

The button plugs into a small supplied adapter unit. This contains the air sensor and measures the change in air pressure on the pad. This adapter unit then plugs straight into your call system.

The button comes complete with a fitting bracket that allows it to be screwed to a wall or table.

Unscrew the bracket from the back of the sensor. Attach it to a wall or surface using small screws then clip the sensor firmly into place.

Squashy Call Button:

Circular Size: 93mm x 97.5mm
Button Thickness: 20mm
Lead Length: 5m with setup1. (1m with setup 2&3 (wireless)
Connection As requested to match
Weight 113g

adapter box

contains built in jack splitter connection

size: 100mm X 50mm X 17mm

weight 165g

batteries: Lithium Cell (supplied)

battery life: 2 years minimum

Battery Monitor: Red LED light

Connection to call system: Calibrated connection


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