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Wireless Easy Press Touch Sensitive Button & Pager Set

Wireless Easy Press Touch Sensitive Button & Pager Set

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A highly sensitive and easy to push pressure pad for those with limited functional movement.

The touch sensitive button can be placed anywhere, even in the bath. The sensitivity and shape also mean that it can be operated by head or foot movement, ideal for those with muscular weakness.

We are also able to supply a blow tube, so that help can be called simply by blowing into a tube. 


  • The Easy Press Call Button has two settings - 'normal' and 'sensitive'. 
  • It can be activated by the lightest of touch.
  • Built in test button. 
  • One year battery life & low battery message transmitted to pager.
  • Easy Press Call Button is waterproof and can be placed in the bath. 
  • 400m range. 

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