We have specialised in pressure-mat falls
prevention since 1986. Our customers vary
from individual home-carers to large hospitals.

Pressure Mats & Pagers

Alert carers when someone in care might be at risk

“We noticed 12% falls reduction and received an award for safety”


No.1 for Falls Prevention

A short video demonstrating some of our products.

Our Products

We make and supply a range of sensors to plug into a call system or as Telecare supplied as part of a standalone pager system.

Our products can alert carers when an individual leaves a bed, a chair, a room or a home. This can give the elderly or infirm increased freedom, alerting the carer only when necessary. Our monitoring systems are used widely throughout the care home sector and are also suitable as telecare for carers in their own homes. Our products are popular with those caring for people with dementia.APMF diagram

Diagram: Setup 3 pager working with Floor Pressure mat sensor.


The systems we make draw from experience gained over twenty years and represent a tested and effective approach to monitoring. Our systems are tailored to suit the requirements of a particular premises. The system is easy to setup and usually no professional installation is required. Most products can be moved easily between different locations and could even be taken on holiday. We are constantly working closely with our customers to develop new products to improve the standard of monitoring.

Our option1 systems are compatibile with the following call systems:
tunstall, aidcall, arm, carecom, nursecall, intercall, quantec, aidcall atx3000, aidcall atx4000, aidcall atx5000, medicare, intercall, nusecall 600, nursecall 700, nursecall 800, nursecall 7000, wandsworth safecall, sas, gemini, sas network1, sas network2, tate. If your system isnt on here please contact us and we may well be able to help.