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Wireless Floor Pressure Mat & Pager Set

Wireless Floor Pressure Mat & Pager Set

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Know the moment someone steps out of bed or through a doorway with our wireless floor pressure mat & bleeper pager. 


The floor pressure mat can be placed next to the bed and will send an alert to the pager which can be carried by a caregiver around the home. 

This can be used to prevent falls and wandering in the elderly and those with dementia. 

The pager is completely wireless and will bleep, flash and vibrate when a person steps on the mat. The wireless range is up to 400m (1300 feet), so it is perfect for use around the home. 

 Our floor pressure mats are hand glued and the most durable mats on the market.


An optional barrier mat will provide a protective layer and prolong the life of the floor pressure mat:




Mat Features

  • Free Anti-slip mat included
  • 3 meter lead to connect to control box
  • Mats are hand-glued and hard-wearing
  • Size 560mm X 720mm X 3mm

Transmitter box

  • Size: 90.5mm X 45.5mm X 32.5mm
  • Battery life - up to 12 months (2 x AA Alkaline batteries supplied)
  • On-off switch.
  • Supplied with sticky pads to attach to a bed frame or other surface. 
  • Wireless range: Up to 400m in average conditions



View Floor Pressure Mat Instructions & Specification

View Bleeper Pager Instructions & Specification


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Give us a rating

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Give us a rating

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