Sensors and pressure mats to monitor those in care
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Wandering Alert Kits for use around the home

A range of sensors to detect when a person begins to wander.

"Which sensor should I choose?"

This largely depends on what you are trying to achieve and how quickly you need to be alerted. 


Common scenarios

I'm not living in the same house and need to know when my relative opens their front door. 

A door tracker will send a message to your mobile phone and/or ring your landline if the front door is opened. 

I'm living in the same house and need to know as soon as my relative gets out of bed, so that I can assist them. 

A bed pressure mat provides the fastest early warning that a person has left the bed. 

Alternatively, a floor sensor mat can be placed next to the bed. 

I don't want to be disturbed every time the person gets out of bed, for example, to go to the toilet. But I would like to know if they don't return to bed in case they have fallen. 

A not returned to bed sensor will only send an alert if the person is out of bed for 20 minutes or more. 

I'm living in the same house and need to know if my relative opens the front door during the night, 

If the door is normally kept closed, a door sensor will alert the pager as soon as a door is opened.  

If the door is sometimes open, a motion sensor can be positioned to detect movement through the doorway. This could be wall mounted or simply placed on a shelf.