Sensors and pressure mats to monitor those in care
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Wandering Alert Kits for use around the home

A range of sensors to detect when a person begins to wander.

"Which sensor should I choose?"

This largely depends on what you are trying to achieve and how quickly you need to be alerted. 


Common scenarios

I need to know as soon as a person gets out of bed, so that I can prevent them from falling. 

A bed pressure mat provides the fastest early warning that a person has left the bed. 

Alternatively, a floor sensor mat can be placed next to the bed. 

I need to know if a person moves through a doorway

If the door is normally kept closed, a door sensor will alert the pager as soon as a door is opened.  

If the door is sometimes open, a motion sensor can be positioned to detect movement through the doorway. This could be wall mounted or simply placed on a shelf. 

I am not at home and need to know if a person leaves the house

A door alarm connected to your home Wifi will send a message to your mobile phone if the front door is opened.