Sensors and pressure mats to monitor those in care.
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"Which product is right for me?"

Our customers often tell us that it can be confusing when trying to decide which product to choose.

We have written a list of common scenarios and given some suggestions below. Feel free to call us for advice.

Alternatively, tell us a bit about the problem that you are trying to solve by completing the form at the bottom of the page and we will make some suggestions. 

"My carer lives in the same house as me":

  • A call button or sensor linked to a pager will alert a carer within the range of an average home and garden. 
  • A pager is carried by the carer. 
  • Quickest response time - the carer is alerted immediately. 
  • Low cost - just a one-off payment to buy the equipment. No subscription needed. 

Falls Prevention           

Wandering Alerts             


Calling for help 

Dementia Home Care Kit

"I need to be able to alert my family who lives nearby":

  •  A call button or sensor linked to our base station uses your Wifi signal to send a message to a mobile phone. 
  • The carer doesn't need to be in the same house. 
  • Medium cost - just a one-off payment to buy the equipment. Unlimited messages are included within the cost price. 
  • Medium response time - the carer is alerted by receiving a message on their mobile phone. 

You can add a base station to any of our wireless call buttons or sensors. 

Call Button & Falls Detector Watch

Elderly Home Monitoring Starter Kit


"I need somebody else to contact my carer or call an ambulance when I need help":

  • A 24/7 call centre monitor or dialler will notify call centre staff who will alert emergency services.
  • We supply sensors compatible with all monitors/diallers. 
  • The monitor/dialler would need to be purchased and installed separately. 

"I need somebody to visit me at home and do an assessment of my needs":

Apply for a needs assessment by social services: