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PIR Movement Sensor & Bleeper-Pager Set

PIR Movement Sensor & Bleeper-Pager Set

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An infrared movement sensor alerting to the presence of a person in an area of the home.

Complete PIR Movement Sensor & Bleeper-Pager Set. Includes wall mounting plate for easy setup. 

Can be used to monitor an area of the home that presents a risk to those with dementia. When a person walks in front of the sensor, a caregiver will receive an alert from anywhere in the home using the bleeper pager. 

The sensor can also be used to detect a person leaving bed by adjusting the sensor beam to cover a very specific area next to the bed.

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The PIR Movement Sensor is a small battery-powered sensor that can be positioned in a variety of ways to alert to movement through a doorway, corridor, next to a bed or over a wider area.


The sensor works using the same infrared technology as the systems used to turn on outdoor lighting. The sensor is positioned pointing towards the area where motion detection is required. The sensor can be positioned on a wardrobe or wall pointing towards the area next to the bed. 

By adjusting the eyelids over the sensor it is possible to steer the sensor’s beam so that it only detects over a certain area. The sensor can work in both darkness and light.

Turning the sensor on will activate a 30-second timer, allowing the carer to exit the room. Completely wireless, when movement is detected the sensor will send an alert to the pager, which can be carried by a carer up to 400m away. 


The ‘eye’ has two eyelids which move to steer the angle of the detection beam. They can be rotated to give a very tight angle or opened up to give a very wide detection field. By choosing the right position for the sensor and setting the angle, any detection setup is possible. The diagram below demonstrates some common configurations.

  • Setup 1 is the sensor position detecting movement to the right. 
  • Setup 2 gives a wide detection area across a room or hallway. Positioned at head height on a wall, movement across the whole room is detected. 
  • Setup 3 gives detection below and to the right and 
  • Setup 4 will detect movement in front of and below the sensor. The beam has a long range of over ten meters. Closing the eyelids totally will stop the sensor from detecting, as will switching the sensor off.
Experiment with position and set up for the perfect system. 

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