Sensors and pressure mats to monitor those in care
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PIR Motion Sensor

The PIR motion sensor is a small battery-powered sensor that will detect when a person gets out of bed or walks through a doorway. 


The sensor can be supplied with a stand to allow it to be placed on any flat surface:

Alternatively, it can be wall-mounted:

Compatible with almost any nurse call system including:

  • Medicare
  • Courtney-Thorne
  • Aidcall
  • C-Tec
  • Intercall
  • Quantec 

Wireless sensors linked to a pager are also available. 

NEW 2020

The control switch now has three positions:

- OFF (the sensor is off)

- ON (the sensor will activate after a 30 second timer and will trigger immediately thereafter)

- DELAY (the sensor will activate after 5 minutes and will be disabled for 5 minutes after each activation). This is designed to prolong the battery life and will enable a caregiver to attend to the person without needing to reset the sensor.