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Call Button and Bleeper Pager Set

Call Button and Bleeper Pager Set

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This set comes complete with a pager and a linked call bell. 

The Bleeper Pager allows a carer to monitor the call bell whilst on the move around the home. The pager is very easy to use with only one button. Wirelessly connected, it beeps, vibrates and flashes to alert the carer wherever they are in the home. 

The Call Button is completely wireless and can be worn around the neck using the lanyard provided or around the wrist using the watch strap or simply carried in a pocket. 

  • The Call Button and Pager come wirelessly connected and ready to go. They are connected by a built in radio signal - there is no subscription or need to set anything up. 
  • The Pager will receive signals from the Call Button within the range of an average house and garden (100m). 

The set includes:

  • Red Bleeper Pager with lanyard & belt clip 
  • Wireless call button with two water-resistant cases - one for use with the supplied lanyard, and one for use with the supplied wrist strap. 
  • Batteries included (1 x AAA Alkaline Battery for Pager, 1 x 2450 Coin Battery for Call Button). Both easy to find in your local supermarket when replacements are needed.  




Need more than one wireless call button or pager? See our Wireless Call Button Paging System.

Need to achieve a longer range? You can add a Wireless Range Extender at any time. 

Want to receive alerts on your mobile phone when the call button is activated? Add an Alert Tracker

View Bleeper Pager Instructions

View Wireless Button Instructions

View Wireless Button Specification / Data Sheet

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Give us a rating

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